#ActiveAirPurifiers  I purchased a Vollara personal air purifier and a portable Fresh air to go purifier for my grand-daughter’s use on a recent family trip.  My grand-daughter deals with many health problems and regularly is challenged with immunity issues.  The personal purifier was easy to travel with and use on the airplane.  We enjoyed the freshness of the air in her bedroom throughout the week long stay away from home.  She continues to use the portable purifier in her bedroom at home.  The trip was great, and my granddaughter returned home without any health concerns from exposure to new environments.  Our family is sold on the use of the Vollara products and is thankful for the great guidance and service provided by Active Healthy Lifestyles and our representative, Diana Hoffman.


We loved the products while traveling!  My daughter and I were talking this week about how thankful we are that my granddaughter made the trip without any illness upon return home……I am sure the purifiers helped with that.  They are making a trip in August for a conference dealing with her granddaughter’s genetic disorder….planning to take both units, using the portable in the car on the drive.  Thanks for your help!  If anyone asks for a personal recommendation, I would be happy to provide such.

Janet D.     Montana   June 2019

#ActiveHealthyLifestyles   July is a month that many people in Ohio take vacations.  When you go on vacation do you think about the cleanliness of the hotel room where you are staying?

Most hotels do a decent job with housekeeping.  Certain spots in a room collect more germs than others just from frequent use.  Housekeepers get busy, and sometimes things can get overlooked.

Some people pack disinfectant tissues and wipe everything down.  Not me.  I take my Fresh Air to Go small portable air purifier that kills germs and takes away offensive odors and all I have to do it plug it in.  It does all the work.

Your Choice.  Wipe everything down and hope you don’t miss any germs.  Plug in the air purifier and it will reach out to all areas of the room to clean and as a bonus your hotel room smell outdoor fresh.

Keep these 6 common items in mind.  They tend to be the dirtiest and germiest things in a hotel room.

  1. The Bed Spread

First check for bugs.  Sorry, but a must.  Take the bed spread off the bed.  “some experts claim the bedspreads may only get washed and changed out about 4 times a year.”  Yikes.  I don’t want to share the previous guests’ germs.


  1. Remote Control

Everyone touches this, so it’s full of germs.  “A ‘Today’ Show investigation found that remotes are the dirtiest thing in hotel rooms.  They even found E. coli.”  Wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe.


  1. Drinking Glasses

Plastic cups may seem cheap, but they actually offer more germ protection than the fancy glasses. “An ABC investigation found that some hotels don’t follow health codes that require the dishwasher and sterilized.  This same study found that some workers didn’t replace glasses between guests: they only wiped them down—sometimes using the same rag used to clean the bathroom!”  Go to the front desk and exchange for plastic cups.


  1. Hotel Information/Menu Folder

Many people pick up the guest information to determine where to visit/eat out.  How often do the pages get cleaned?  Easy solution. Wipe it down with disinfecting wipes.  Each page.


  1. The Phone

Hotel phones are a hotbed of germ activity.  Even though everyone has a cell phone, hotel guests still use the phone to call the front desk or housekeeping.  Hotel phones have up to 3 times as much bacteria as nearby areas.  Again wipe down the phone.


  1. Pillowcases

Clean pillow cases get dirty in the process of changing a bed.  Housekeepers put clean pillows with new cases down on adjacent furniture.  People’s skin flakes, hair or other things left behind can get on the clean pillow before it’s put back on the bed.  I know people who bring their own sheets and pillowcases with them on vacation.  They sleep much better.

One Air Purifier Takes Care of It All

Just plug it in.  Turn it on.  Come back to a germ free and sanitized hotel room.   It’s just that easy.

Go to www.activeairpurifiers.com for more information about this air purifier and contact Diana Hoffman email diana@activeairpurifiers.com

Some information and the studies came from https://www.simplemost.com/dirtiest-things-hotel-room/


Are you suffering?  Help is only a message away.

#activehealthylifestyles.  This morning on the news:  1/3 of our country has people suffering from allergies today.  The pollen count is high today.   Are you one of the unlucky ones that has runny nose, itchy eyes and throat.  Symptoms do not disappear after 10 days like a cold does.

What is a person to do?  It is an air purifier to the rescue.  Advantages:  cleans the air of pollens and other allergy and asthma triggers.  Dust and other particles and toxins are removed from the air.  It kills germs on surfaces, and unpleasant odors disappear.  That is a lot for one machine to do.

One Fresh air purifier does an entire home up to 3,000 square feet.  It is portable and you just plug it in.  Allergy symptoms will be less since you are no longer breathing in the pollens while in your home.  You will take fewer drugs and most of all you will feel better.  Contact me today for selecting the perfect air purifier for your home.

Meanwhile take these steps to help the allergy sufferer:  close your windows, take a bath before bed so you are not sleeping with the enemy that is the pollen  and dust.  Change your pillow case often.  Again you are sleeping with whatever was trapped on your skin and hair in your bed.

Good news as you age your allergy symptoms become less.  Bad news.  Your immune system becomes compromised.  Again the Fresh air purifier will help you stay healthy.

It’s just this easy.  Do you know you touch your cell phone over 2,600 times in one day?  You take your phone…where?   View this short video so you won’t get sick and keep your family healthy.  Check out the Fresh Air Surround.  I can show you this unit.  Schedule free in-home or office demo.




Tonya W. was describing her Fresh Air Mobile air purifier to a friend at a networking event.  She said that business associates walk into her office and comment, “It smells like clean air in here.”  This has been a hideous cold, flu, and pneumonia season. Some of her co-workers have been ill.   She has not suffered any of these since the air purifier has been killing germs in her office all day.  “I’m so glad I have this air purifier.”

Tonya W.       Marysville, Ohio       February 21, 2018


Today is a bright and sunny day. So many of my friends and family have been sick with colds, flu and pneumonia. And you don’t want to repeat the cycle to have another family member get sick from the germs in the home. What’s a family to do to get the germs out of your home?

The easiest way is to plug in one of our air purifiers that will kill germs in addition to clean your air and have the scent of a fresh spring day (without using chemicals). This technology runs 24/7 to keep your home clean and healthy.

Your second choice is to open your windows and doors and let the outdoor air come in as some of your indoor dirty, germy air escapes to the outside and mother nature will handle these germs. You hope all the “bad guys” are gone.

Our air purifiers use the same technology as Mother Nature to make your home/office “the healthy place” for you and your family/co-workers or guests. Are you ready to control the air your family breathes today and every day?

Everything travels on the dust particles you breathe in — this is toxins, germs, allergy triggers, mold, pet dander, dust mites, odors, and pet dander. The positive and negative charges that are found outdoors are used in our air purifiers to grasp the dust and drop it to the floor. This means you are not breathing it into your body. You are now breathing clean air. What is your health worth?

I’d rather spend a few pennies a day and not suffer from the consequences of dirty air. How about you? Prevention is the best medicine. Make the change today. Just plug in our air purifier and know you are controlling the air you breathe and not just hoping you will not get sick.


Do you suffer from allergies and/or asthma?  Are you sneezing, experiencing a runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, wheezing, and feeling like you are sick, but you are not?  Join the more than 40 million Americans who are searching for ways to feel better.

There have been over 6 articles about allergies in the Marysville Journal Tribune and the Columbus Dispatch in as many days.  Allergens are making almost as much news as the NCAA basketball tournament.  Just as March Madness teams need to know the basic fundamentals of basketball, it is important for those suffering from allergies and/or asthma to be aware of their triggers in the air.  Mold, pollens, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, pollution and strong odors can all contribute as irritants to the susceptible person.  These can occur indoors as well as outdoors.

OSU basketball players, such as Sullinger, Craft, Smith, Buford, and Thomas use a variety of  shots to score a basket.  So too doctors and parents caring for their children or even themselves are searching for ways to feel good.  Obviously avoiding the irritant is the best shot, so to speak.  But since that doesn’t always work, drugs, drops, and sprays are prescribed to clear up allergy symptoms.

The OSU team spends many hours in practice analyzing skills to conquer the next team they are scheduled to play.  The team has been performing some of these skills the entire season.  The same holds true for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Their season can be just spring or fall, some summer, and others are uncomfortable all four seasons.  Doctors have some individuals on medications all year long.

There are no short cuts for improving the health of an allergy/asthma sufferer.  Just as the basketball team must continually work on defense, so too do doctors remind parents to keep up with extra dusting, wash bedding more often, move the family pet out of bedrooms, vacuum more, as well as remove chemicals and other toxins and odor-causing substances from living areas.  It’s a team effort to clean the air that is being breathed in by allergy and asthma victims.

Time outs allow the team to regroup and move forward with a better plan of action.  Since the warm weather arrived early there are pollens from trees, grasses, and flowers that are blooming at different times, requiring doctors to treat their patients according to contact with different triggers.

Being in the stadium during an NCAA game is exciting.  There are all types of fans attending.  This reminds us that all those allergy and asthma triggers are spending time in your home or stadium.  There is little control of all those substances in one place.  There is no escape; the irritants just keep accumulating.  For a basketball game, we want a crowd.  The more the merrier.  But the for allergy sufferers in their home we want these pollens and other irritants ejected from the game.

The bottom line is that the NCAA Basketball tournament and Fresh Air Purifiers have one thing in common.  They both eliminate things.  March Madness eliminates all but the National Champion, and the Fresh Air Purifiers eliminate all but the clean air you breathe, creating a winning environment for the allergy/asthma sufferer.

Hello Fellow Travelers~

Are you concerned about:

  1. The toxic air in Beijing and other parts of northern China as well as the dirty air seeping into the buildings?
  2. Breathing in this air pollution?  Do you have any respiratory concerns?
  3. Catching a cold or other sickness while traveling on the bus or airplane?

If the answer is yes, please continue reading.

I will be traveling with you to China soon.

I don’t know about you, but air quality plays an important part in my health.  I have allergy issues as well as minor asthma.  We don’t know what is in China’s air.  When the headlines in our local Columbus Dispatch report that there could be issues with the air I breathe, I get a little worried.  The EPA shared that the air quality in Beijing was 755 and 500 is the alert point; I’m thinking what can I do to stay healthy?  What are all those small particles I’ll be breathing into my lungs? 

I also do a significant amount of traveling by air.  People on airplanes are coughing and sneezing.  The same will be occurring on our buses.  I do not want to catch others’ germs, and I certainly don’t want to get sick during or after our fantastic trip.

The pictures in the Columbus Dispatch showed people walking in hazy smog and another of women in Beijing wearing face masks.  That is not something I want to wear all the time.  Try wearing one in your house for a few hours to get an idea of what it would be like on our trip.

My husband and I traveled to Japan a few years ago during the flu pandemic.  We purchased and wore a battery operated personal air purifier.  Our air space was protected all the time we wore it.  We did not get sick.  I was 100 percent pleased with the performance of the mini air purifier.  It comes with a charger, a charging cord for use in a car, and two rechargeable batteries.  The personal purifier is most effective in indoor environments. I have found it effective outdoors as well.

Two videos for further information:   http://youtu.be/6TUeEyG9uLU   Fresh Air Buddy (1:30) and http://youtu.be/gUFs3sFBAOk  Fresh Air Buddy (:35).

It’s plain and simple.  The purifier does what it says it will do.  Many customers exclaim about their family members being sick less.  They don’t have the dust floating in the air.  Their home smells fresh as the air outdoors.  Below are listed some of the most common ways people love having a purifier in their home:

“Quiet.  We don’t notice it is even on.”

“One purifier does our entire home!”

“You just clean it every month.  You do not have to buy monthly filters.”

“My allergy symptoms have mostly disappeared when I’m in the house.”

“My children’s doctor recommended this purifier.”

“The unit is small.  It plugs in anywhere.  It is portable.”

“I can program this air purifier for ‘super cleans’.”

The first thought that comes to mind is “What is clean air?”

It is air that is free from contaminants.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Some of us settle for air that is less than pristine.  An obvious concern is for smokers.  Tobacco smoke has many chemicals that are inhaled by the smoker as well as anyone in the same home, office, or car for example.  Do you think it is all right for children to breathe in all these chemicals?  What about older individuals?  Both children and older adults have immune systems that do not work as well as healthy individuals.  So smokers are compromising the health of those they love.  Now, I’m one of the healthy individuals, and I personally do not want to breathe those chemicals into my body.  I make the choice not to have smokers in my home.  Children and sometimes older adults do not have that choice.  A solution is to run a Fresh Air Purifier 24/7 where smokers are present.  This clears the air of the nasty chemicals and allows everyone to breathe in clean air.  So if you are a smoker and you care about those in your life, let’s clean up the air for them with a simple and effective air purifier.

Another challenge is the impurities in the air outdoors.  Those smoke stacks from factories are just spewing out small particulate.  This particulate travels through the air and can end up entering your home.  You think, oh it’s miles away, so I have no concerns.  Not true.  During the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens in Washington state a few years ago, volcanic ash was seen in the air several states away.  The wild fires in California today are affecting air quality in the surrounding states.

You may wonder, how does all this affect me?  Our bodies are designed to trap particles in the nose before it ever reaches the lungs.  The particles that are especially small sneak by the nose hairs and end up in our lungs.  If you are healthy, you think you are safe.  Not so fast.  Not only are you breathing in the above mentioned particles, you also have toxins in your home that are always there.  Toxins are things you should not be breathing in.  These are particles and fumes and spores that are not good for you:  especially breathing them in over hours, days, and months, and years.  It is the long term effect of these and other things you are breathing in that influence your health and the overall functioning of healthy lungs.

Today we have learned that our air has particles in it that if we breathe in over a long period of time can cause health issues.  We also know that cleaning the air of these irritants can keep our lungs healthy and therefore give us better quality of life.  So you may dismiss what you are breathing in today as being unhealthy, but think about one year from now?  Do you want all those particles accumulating in your lungs?

Not me!  That’s why I run my Fresh Air Purifier every day.  I have peace of mind knowing that the air in my home is free of contaminants and that my lungs are healthy today, tomorrow, and in the future.