Hello Fellow Travelers~

Are you concerned about:

  1. The toxic air in Beijing and other parts of northern China as well as the dirty air seeping into the buildings?
  2. Breathing in this air pollution?  Do you have any respiratory concerns?
  3. Catching a cold or other sickness while traveling on the bus or airplane?

If the answer is yes, please continue reading.

I will be traveling with you to China soon.

I don’t know about you, but air quality plays an important part in my health.  I have allergy issues as well as minor asthma.  We don’t know what is in China’s air.  When the headlines in our local Columbus Dispatch report that there could be issues with the air I breathe, I get a little worried.  The EPA shared that the air quality in Beijing was 755 and 500 is the alert point; I’m thinking what can I do to stay healthy?  What are all those small particles I’ll be breathing into my lungs? 

I also do a significant amount of traveling by air.  People on airplanes are coughing and sneezing.  The same will be occurring on our buses.  I do not want to catch others’ germs, and I certainly don’t want to get sick during or after our fantastic trip.

The pictures in the Columbus Dispatch showed people walking in hazy smog and another of women in Beijing wearing face masks.  That is not something I want to wear all the time.  Try wearing one in your house for a few hours to get an idea of what it would be like on our trip.

My husband and I traveled to Japan a few years ago during the flu pandemic.  We purchased and wore a battery operated personal air purifier.  Our air space was protected all the time we wore it.  We did not get sick.  I was 100 percent pleased with the performance of the mini air purifier.  It comes with a charger, a charging cord for use in a car, and two rechargeable batteries.  The personal purifier is most effective in indoor environments. I have found it effective outdoors as well.

Two videos for further information:   http://youtu.be/6TUeEyG9uLU   Fresh Air Buddy (1:30) and http://youtu.be/gUFs3sFBAOk  Fresh Air Buddy (:35).