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It’s Easy To Get Rid Of Skunk Odor With The Vollara Air Purifiers

Skunk Smell in Home GONE with Vollara Air Purifier

Long Time Vollara Air Purifier User Touts Advantages

Vollara Air Purifier Makes Homes Smell Good

Skunk Sprayed My House

“A skunk sprayed under our front porch in the middle of the night. The smell was overpowering and in every room of the house. We could not even stay in the house, and being in the house for just an hour would make our clothes and hair smell.

The estimate we got from Servepro was for thousands of dollars, a price we could not afford. We were in despair until Diana Hoffman rented us an Active Air Purifier at a fraction of the cost. Her single air purifier was able to completely remove the smell throughout the entire house. We did not even have wash our clothes, draperies, or linens or steam clean the carpet.

We were truly amazed and would recommend this product without hesitation!!!”

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I Sleep So Much Better Now!
I used to have so much trouble sleeping through the night.

Hi friends… Kent Morris here. would you let me take a moment to share something personal with you?

When I came across P90X 4 years ago, I begin a physical change that became significant. I now feel better than I ever have about my physical health. But it goes way beyond about how I look physically! I feel young. I feel healthy. I feel strong both physically and mentally. I have power and control over the choices I make daily that influence my health and in turn, I KNOW that I can lead a healthy and fulfilling life being physically capable of growing older and still keeping up with my kids.

So, I have NEVER posted before and after pictures. It took me awhile to find some old active pictures of me, but I found a few and put this together comparing the “OLD” (but younger) Kent with the “NEW” (but older) Kent.

As I was putting these pictures together my son came up to me and pointed at the older pictures saying, “Dad is that you? Wow, you weren’t very strong back then were you?” Haha

Many of you know about Beachbody and the pretty awesome brands of P90X and Insanity, and if you follow me, you know I love them all (I would add BodyBeast to the top of my list now). Becoming part of Beachbody has been one of the best choices in recent memory because of the opportunity that I have had to get in the BEST shape of my life but also give back in a large way to soooo many people.

Get your copy of 17 Power Thoughts to an Active Healthy Lifestyle.

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