The first thought that comes to mind is “What is clean air?”

It is air that is free from contaminants.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Some of us settle for air that is less than pristine.  An obvious concern is for smokers.  Tobacco smoke has many chemicals that are inhaled by the smoker as well as anyone in the same home, office, or car for example.  Do you think it is all right for children to breathe in all these chemicals?  What about older individuals?  Both children and older adults have immune systems that do not work as well as healthy individuals.  So smokers are compromising the health of those they love.  Now, I’m one of the healthy individuals, and I personally do not want to breathe those chemicals into my body.  I make the choice not to have smokers in my home.  Children and sometimes older adults do not have that choice.  A solution is to run a Fresh Air Purifier 24/7 where smokers are present.  This clears the air of the nasty chemicals and allows everyone to breathe in clean air.  So if you are a smoker and you care about those in your life, let’s clean up the air for them with a simple and effective air purifier.

Another challenge is the impurities in the air outdoors.  Those smoke stacks from factories are just spewing out small particulate.  This particulate travels through the air and can end up entering your home.  You think, oh it’s miles away, so I have no concerns.  Not true.  During the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens in Washington state a few years ago, volcanic ash was seen in the air several states away.  The wild fires in California today are affecting air quality in the surrounding states.

You may wonder, how does all this affect me?  Our bodies are designed to trap particles in the nose before it ever reaches the lungs.  The particles that are especially small sneak by the nose hairs and end up in our lungs.  If you are healthy, you think you are safe.  Not so fast.  Not only are you breathing in the above mentioned particles, you also have toxins in your home that are always there.  Toxins are things you should not be breathing in.  These are particles and fumes and spores that are not good for you:  especially breathing them in over hours, days, and months, and years.  It is the long term effect of these and other things you are breathing in that influence your health and the overall functioning of healthy lungs.

Today we have learned that our air has particles in it that if we breathe in over a long period of time can cause health issues.  We also know that cleaning the air of these irritants can keep our lungs healthy and therefore give us better quality of life.  So you may dismiss what you are breathing in today as being unhealthy, but think about one year from now?  Do you want all those particles accumulating in your lungs?

Not me!  That’s why I run my Fresh Air Purifier every day.  I have peace of mind knowing that the air in my home is free of contaminants and that my lungs are healthy today, tomorrow, and in the future.