#ActiveAirPurifiers  I purchased a Vollara personal air purifier and a portable Fresh air to go purifier for my grand-daughter’s use on a recent family trip.  My grand-daughter deals with many health problems and regularly is challenged with immunity issues.  The personal purifier was easy to travel with and use on the airplane.  We enjoyed the freshness of the air in her bedroom throughout the week long stay away from home.  She continues to use the portable purifier in her bedroom at home.  The trip was great, and my granddaughter returned home without any health concerns from exposure to new environments.  Our family is sold on the use of the Vollara products and is thankful for the great guidance and service provided by Active Healthy Lifestyles and our representative, Diana Hoffman.


We loved the products while traveling!  My daughter and I were talking this week about how thankful we are that my granddaughter made the trip without any illness upon return home……I am sure the purifiers helped with that.  They are making a trip in August for a conference dealing with her granddaughter’s genetic disorder….planning to take both units, using the portable in the car on the drive.  Thanks for your help!  If anyone asks for a personal recommendation, I would be happy to provide such.

Janet D.     Montana   June 2019