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Traveling to China?

Hello Fellow Travelers~ Are you concerned about: The toxic air in Beijing and other parts of northern China as well as the dirty air seeping into the buildings? Breathing in this air pollution?  Do you have any respiratory concerns? Catching a cold or other sickness while traveling on the bus or airplane? If the answer […]

What Is Flag Day?

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress, by resolution, adopted the US Flag, consisting of thirteen stripes and thirteen stars for the thirteen colonies. Over the years a star was added when each additional state was admitted to the union. We now have 50 stars but the thirteen stripes remain as a symbol of […]

Why People Love the Fresh Air Purifier

It’s plain and simple.  The purifier does what it says it will do.  Many customers exclaim about their family members being sick less.  They don’t have the dust floating in the air.  Their home smells fresh as the air outdoors.  Below are listed some of the most common ways people love having a purifier in […]

Who Needs to Breathe Clean Air Anyway?

The first thought that comes to mind is “What is clean air?” It is air that is free from contaminants.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Some of us settle for air that is less than pristine.  An obvious concern is for smokers.  Tobacco smoke has many chemicals that are inhaled by the smoker as […]

Sitting leads to greater chances of health issues

I learned on 10 tv news that those who sit 11 hours have a greater chance for 13% cardio  disease, 20% increase in heart problems and 20% increase in cancer. WOW!  Have you added up how many hours you sit each day?  Yes this includes travel time.  This is a perfect time to get the […]

Why Do I Want an Air Purifier?

Air quality in your home will determine how healthy you and your family are. To clean your air you want an air purifier. So you are thinking why? This video will explain to you what it does to clean your air and the healthy results you can expect. Watch this and count the many ways […]

Fresh Air Buddy – 2 battery system

In today’s modern environment, indoor environments are rife with contaminants. The Fresh Air Buddy provides nature’s own powerful properties with a built-in ionizer that attracts free-roaming particles and captures them, reducing pollutants that invade the space within which you breathe. The Fresh Air Buddy creates an almost particle-free zone around the wearer by generating high […]

Treat Myself to Regular Maintenance

6 months ago, today, an orthopedic surgeon inserted 7 screws and a plate into my right ankle because 2 days prior, Feb. 19, I slipped on the ice and broke off both bones on my right ankle. I heard from the medical attendants that by spring I’d be back to walking normally. Then I heard […]