6 months ago, today, an orthopedic surgeon inserted 7 screws and a plate into my right ankle because 2 days prior, Feb. 19, I slipped on the ice and broke off both bones on my right ankle.
I heard from the medical attendants that by spring I’d be back to walking normally. Then I heard from those who have had these injuries as an adult that it could take 6 months to a year before I was back to par.

After this morning doing an exercise routine that includes running in place and jumping jacks, I can today say that my ankle is doing better. But the reason I share this is not about pointing you to my recovery but to staying regular with stretches, exercises and conditioning that helps muscles and bones handle even the everyday pressures.

In six months there have been about 6 days that I did not stay on track. When I got lazy or forgot my routine, that short span of inactivity allowed all the effort I had put into my recovery to quickly diminish. Today I realize that at 54 years old, if I want to move well (or relatively well), I need to treat myself to regular maintenance.

Merri Bame The Importance of Regular Exercise   August 2014