There are many ways to become more physically fit.  I like the idea of getting up in the morning.  Putting on my workout out clothes.  I don’t have to worry if my clothes are wrinkled or if anybody saw what I wore yesterday.  I drink a couple glasses of water and then I head to the basement where my workout equipment is located.  I select a workout from the many Beach Body DVD’s I have.  Make the selection.  Put it in the CD player and all I have to do is imitate one of the Beach Body’s exercise leaders.  It is just that easy.  I don’t always feel like exercising.  My goal is to be healthy and do about anything I want.  Exercising is part of felling good every day.  So as Nike says, ” I just do it!”

As I was saying, I don’t have to drive anywhere.  I save time and gas by doing my workouts in the comfort of my basement.  I also do not have to be self-conscious of other athletes around me.

And what’s great?  Breakfast is a cinch, too.  Just coconut milk, ice, and the shakeology flavor of my choice mixed in the blender.  I’m on my way to an energy-filled day.

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