What does getting older and physical fitness have to do with aging gracefully?  No one can stop it.  Every day you will be a day older than yesterday.  How do you want to look and feel?  What do you want to be able to do?  It could be as simple as talking to a friend, walking from one place to another, playing with grandchildren, and being able to do the activities you want to do.  Your lifestyle is your choice.

Your age is merely a number.  Although many of us look in the mirror and are surprised to see who is looking back at us.  It is not always the vibrant person we remember of our younger years.  So, what will you do today and tomorrow so your future days can be spent how you want?

Did you know that by exercising:

you can delay the onset of dementia by 11 years?

you can lower blood pressure? Lower your cholesterol?  Diabetes controlled better?

you can improve blood flow to the brain?

the earlier/younger you start the better?

that by adjusting what you do for activity, you can be active every day of your life?

You do not have to “go crazy” with your activities.  30 minutes a day is perfect.  As you learned from Vi in the video, she did different activities throughout her life.  The important fact is Vi is moving every day.  She will be 95 in November.  Violet is motivated.  How about you?

What keeps you motivated?  Personally, I want to maintain my active healthy lifestyle so I can do almost anything I want to do for as many years as I can.  I want to be able to do these activities with friends.  I want to travel and see the world.

Do you have trouble finding a reason to move every day?  Is it easier to do nothing?  Are you afraid of the consequences of NOT doing exercise?  Does exercise conjure up some ugly memories of how you were never the star athlete?

It’s what you do now, today, that matters.  Do you want free coaching? There is truly no charge.  In my earlier years I was a PE teacher and coach.  I loved working with kids and seeing them get strong, healthy, and active.  All we are is a grown-up kid in an older body.  Join our Facebook group today to gain encouragement from me and other group members.  You don’t have to do this by yourself.  You can be a beginner or someone who has exercised all your life and you just want some motivation or accountability partner, so you will keep up being active. Join today. Active Healthy Lifestyles Private